New Year's Eve party 2023

On this magical night, for the 22nd time, we would like to invite you to an unforgettable New Year's Eve party at the
Parlament Music Club!
This year the theme of the party is Burlesque!
Burlesque is an art form that involves parodying or mocking serious subjects, often using music, dancing, singing and stripping. Burlesque has its roots in 18th century Italian theatre, where it was used as a form of social or political satire. Over time, burlesque has developed in different countries and cultures, taking on different styles and forms. Today, burlesque is often identified as an erotic performance in which female performers dressed in costumes inspired by the Victorian era or the 1920s gradually undress while retaining an element of humour and surprise. Burlesque is also a form of artistic expression that celebrates body and gender diversity, as well as the creativity and personality of the performers.
Dressing up is encouraged, but not compulsory! After all, having fun with friends is the most important thing!
We are dressing up and will provide you with the power of the evening and it is mandatory to party with you until dawn!!!
PLN 100 per person in pre-sale
PLN 120 per person on the day of the event
Table for 2 people PLN 200 + entry fee PLN 100 per person
Table for 4 people PLN 600 + PLN 100 entry fee per person
Table for 4-8 people PLN 600 + PLN 100 entry fee per person
Table for 9-16 people PLN 1,200 + PLN 100 entry fee per person
The amount for the table is entirely available for use at the bar.
Additionally, we have prepared special alcohol packages with whiskey or vodka for VIP tables. All information is available by phone or e-mail below.
All reservations in Parlament Club are hosted by head waiter Marta.
518 506 472 (1PM-9PM MON-SAT) or - Click to see a menu.
Grab your phone and see you there! We look forward to seeing you!


1. Tickets are also available at the entrance.
2. evening and party outfits are obligatory.
3) People under the influence of alcohol or other drugs will not be allowed to participate in the event (despite the purchase of tickets).
4) Security and selector is required to refuse entry to a person bringing his own alcohol to the club premises.
(5) At the entrance, the staff has the right to carry out identity document checks.